“After having had the confinement menu for the past 2 weeks, I’d like to give you my feedback: everything is very tasty and not as gingery/peppery as I had feared, especially the pig’s trotters which most people get either too vinegary or too gingery. your version was very nicely balanced.

The portions are HUGE and therefore very value-for-money, as my husband helps me with some of the food -esp the meat in the soup! Coupled with the fact that you deliver fresh twice a day, even my mother agrees that $1,300 is very worth it. So much so that I’ve recommended your services to several of my girlfriends who are going to deliver this year.

btw, I do feel very healthy after consuming all the wonderful tonics that you have made (even if I am only surviving on a grand total of 5 hours of sleep per day!) again thanks for providing this service. (speaking of service, your delivery people are also very friendly and polite – great job! it isn’t easy hiring such service people!).”
Mdm Michelle, Carissa Park

“I am so glad that you have this service because my mother and mother-in-law are not able to cook this type of food for me on a regular basis and I find that it is very very important to eat a confinement diet in order to regain full strength. I didn’t stick to this diet when I had my 3rd child and my health really suffered for almost a year after that. So I am so grateful that you have this service – while it is not cheap – it is still affordable and value for money.”
Jennifer, Regent Grove

“I must admit that I’m sceptible before taking up your service. The usual concern people have when trying new service. Example if the food is warm when delivered to my place and if its going to be better to home-cook confinement meal ? But your service defintely proved me otherwise. Now that you have changed my perception, I’ve decided to book your dinner delivery. Hopefully it is as good as the confinement meal.”
Serene, Rivervale