About Us

An enquiry in January 2002 on confinement meal delivery triggered the birth of Natal Essentials. Coupled with our market survey, Natal Essentials was setup in March 2002 to deliver quality home-cooked confinement meal to your door-step. Till-date, we have served thousands of customers from different races and nationality.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in expanding our business through words of mouth. Hence, providing excellent customer service, food and quality standards are our key priorities.

We also want to excel through continuous innovations. We gather customers’ feedback on a regular basis, either through phones or survey forms. These inputs are critical to us as it helps to refine the processes and therefore improving the customer service level.

In the long run, we hope to establish a brand name for excellent confinement meal and service quality.

Our Offer

We are your alternative to confinement nanny. It’s a hassle-free service where we prepared, cooked and delivered home-cooked confinement meal to your doorstep.

The dish may look simple but is definitely not simply using more sesame oil or wine. These are the amalgamation of our cook with more than 20 years experience in the confinement meal. Each dish is designed to serve a purpose.

There is NO MSG and the meal is specially designed to help you recover faster.

What’s more we offer you HUGE SAVINGs! We have different packages to suit your needs. Click here for more details.